reasons to visit tajmahal
reasons to visit tajmahal

Reasons to visit Tajmahal.

“LOVE is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no; it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
LOVE’s not Time’s fool,”

                                                   –William shakespear.

Tajmahal (Introduction).

Tajmahal is a world wonder located in agra . Every year high population of tourist visit agra just to see tajmahal nearly twice the population of agra. mughal emperor shah jahan built this amazing mausoleum of all times in memory of her wife “Mumtaz mahal”. But here the question arise why should you visit tajmahal once in your life . So,here are some of the top reasons to visit tajmahal.


The Romance Factor (Reasons to visit Tajmahal).

  • The main expression of this building is pure love This structure currently stands because the bible for love. several lovers, honeymooners and couples visit this structure to relish that expression of this structure. the most effective of all times to go to mausoleum is throughout night. An elegant poet described tajmahal as the teardrop on the cheek of eternity . mausoleum complicated is open for tourists on 5 nights per satellite cycle. the total moon night, 2 nights before and when the total moon night. this is often the time of outstanding beauty.
reasons to visit tajmahal

Reason behind construction of tajmahal.

reasons to visit tajmahal

Inside burial of mumtaz mahal.

  • Their a very interesting story behind the construction of this beautiful symbol of love “Tajmahal”. Shah jahan married his mother niece and named her as mumtaz mahal. They were married for 19 years and she travelled with him everywhere even during all his military trips Shahjahan have a very deep love for her wife mumtaz mahal. she was praised by royals and the locals for her charms,beauty and her helpful nature towards orphans and widows. while on a military trip she died in the arms of her husband , while giving birth to a healthy baby girl. she was buried closer to the tent.Her body was later buried at the spot of tajmahal. shah jahan was still couldn’t get a closure so,he decided to built the best monument of all times in memory of his wife.Reasons to visit Tajmahal.
  • To know more about mumtaz mahal click on mumtaz mahal .

What was tajmahal made up of

reasons to visit tajmahal

White marble used in making of Tajmahal.

Their is a very strong reason why tajmahal is considered as seventh wonder of the world. The main reason behind its beauty is the marble of which tajmahal made up of. The taj mahal was built up of high quality Makrana Marbles , which were brought to agra from rajasthan. The main thing that adds beauty to it is the intricate mosaic design.


semiprecious stones and gems were used to decorate the structure and these gems were brought from the various parts of the world. The art used in decoration is known as parchin kari. It is said that shahjahan has a deep knowledge regarding precious stones and gems. Makrana marble is also used in making of victoria memorial in kolkata.

How much did it cost to build Tajmahal.

The estimated cost of building tajmahal was calculated around 32 million rupees. it is said that 1000 elephants were used and each part that contribute in making of tajmahal was brought from all around the world.

  • Brick and Sandstone – Agra.
  • Marbles – Agra and Rajasthan.
  • Carnelian – Arabia.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Afghanistan.
  • Turquoise – Tibet.
  • Crystal and Jade – China.
  • Jaspers – Punjab.

How many years it took to build Tajmahal in Agra.

It took 22years for completing of this monument. Their are 22 white domes inside the monument to show how much years it took place in making of Tajmahal.

Tajmahal Architecture.

The entire complex covers 42 acres and the king made sure that their was no room for any error. Every element of this structure has an inbuilt meaning to it.Reasons to visit Tajmahal.

Exterior of Tajmahal.

reasons to visit tajmahal

Made utterly out of white marble, its beauty lies within the symmetry of its design. The structure is set on a raised sq. supportconjointly manufactured from white marble, at a height of fifty m from the watercourse level, at one finish of the complicated.The main entrance of the structure is found on the southern part of the complex. It is built with red sandstones and is decorated with calligraphic scripts quoting the Quran.Walk down the gate and you may spot twenty two white domes. These represent the twenty two years it took to make this structure.The decorative elements are made by applying paint, stucco, stone inlays.

The garden is divided into four parts by water pathway, which represents the sea of honey, wine, milk and water (seas found in the paradise, according to Quran).The house on the side of the advanced was exclusively engineered to keep up a symmetry to the whole structure. At some purpose, pilgrims occupied the guesthouses.

The main structure is that the mausoleumit’s an oversized dome fitted structure with four minarets on either sidecuriously, the minarets aren’t perpendicular to the bottomthey’re in-built a slanted angle so if earthquake damages the minarets, it might not fall on the mausoleum.

The external walls of the monument is constructed to make Associate in Nursing optical phenomenon. The structure has four sides with chamfered corners with pilasters. These pilasters have four sides, with the fourth facet hooked upto the most wall. Reasons to visit Tajmahal.

Interior of Tajmahal.

top reasons to visit tajmahal

The cenotaph of mumtaz mahal stands at the center point of the hall and every other element of the hall follows strict symmetry .A bronze lamp hangs from the roof of the dome. it’s same that the lamp is adorned with silver and gold. it absolutely was a present from Lord Curzon to Taj Mahal. Lord Curzon is accountable for repairing several structures of Taj Mahalit’s same that, once Lord Curzon visited Taj Mahalit absolutely was dimly lit and he wasn’t able to fancy the decorations on the wall. He asked his artisans to form the lamp, which is able to be a duplicate of the traditional lamp of grand Turk Baibars I house of God in Egypt. It took 2 years to complete this lamp.

Islamic rules doesn’t enable structures to own human or animal drawings in spiritual art. Thus, the whole structure is adorned with carvings of wines, flowers and leaves.Reasons to visit Tajmahal.

Photography tips to Tajmahal.

  • The main gateway outside the Tajmahal is the best destination for clicking pictures.
  • If you want to click the best shot during sunrise visit the guest house on east side and then try.
  • If you want to capture the symmetry of the land visit mehtab garden on the opposite side of Tajmahal.
  • You can get the dome view of the structure from Agra Fort.
  • Taj Mahal complex is open for tourists on five nights per lunar cycle. The full moon night, two nights before and after the full moon night. This is the time of exceptional beauty.

Myths of Tajmahal.

why to visit tajmahal

1. The Tajmahal has hole in the Ceiling of the main hall.

Even though quite attention-grabbing and wide believed, this doesn’t look like a truth. The supply of the story is associate degree alleged letter written throughout Shah Jahan’s regime and also the indisputable fact that water drops from the ceiling, particularly throughout the rains. However, as per several science specialiststhis is often a results of perspiration and respiration. As of now, this story remains a story.

2 . The artisans who created the Taj Mahal were amputated.

While an oversized section of the population believes the story, this one appears like an entire storyEmperorappointed the artisans different comes when the completion of the Taj Mahal and therefore it are often safely assumed that that they had their hands intact. Moreover, there’s no different proof supporting the story. Thus, the story regarding amputation could be a story.

3 . The Taj Mahal was to have a black twin.

The story of the black mausoleum has been doing rounds for many years and is one in every of the subjective myths. Since Shah Jahan was dethroned by his son, therefore it can not be same with certainty what was sovereign Jahan’s want. However, the deposit of the black marbles within the Mehtab Garden will raise queries. Sadly, we are going tomost likely ne’er grasp and this may stay another one in every of the numerous myths regarding the mausoleum.

4 .The Taj Mahal was a Shiva Temple.

As per the ASI, there’s no proof that there ever existed a Hindu temple within the place wherever the Taj Mahal stood which the Hindu Temple was reborn into the Taj Mahal. This claim remains a storyhowever actually of a dangerous kind, since it threatens the existence of this subject field surprise.

Foregein celebrities visited Tajmahal.

Taj Mahal has been visited within the past by varied celebrities like  Tom Cruise, Diana’s bench, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, March Zuckerberg.

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