Top Reasons to visit Ladakh.

top reasons to visit ladakh
top reasons to visit ladakh

Introduction(Top reasons to visit ladakh).

Ladakh is also known as little tibet . Ladakh range start from Indus shyok confluence Zanskar range is the dividing line between the Indus and Zanskar valleys. Leh was the capital of ladakh Leh is a district which spans the entire Ladakh valley/region.Top reasons to visit ladakh.

ladakh location on indian map.

Best time to visit Ladakh
(Top reasons to visit ladakh).

Ladakh is an awesome  and one of the best place in india to visit . Ladakh is one of  the perfect destination for anyone who is in the search of peace, tranquility, scenic beauty, fresh air . You will remember this trip your entire life not only because of the kind of place Ladakh is but also because of the friendly nature of the  people over there.The best time is from June to Sept,Oct.

Some of the best destinations to explore in Ladakh-

  1. Pangong lake (Top reasons to visit ladakh).

 It is An enchanted Lake Situated around 6-7 hrs drive to the east of Leh(The main town of Ladakh).

 On the way to Pangong lake you will find very beautiful and attractive places. Enroute to Pangong are some beautiful villages.

Pangong lake.

 2. Shanti stupa (Top reasons to visit ladakh).

This is one of the famous buddhist stupa situated on a hill top in  heart of Leh.This is a tourist attraction not only because of the religious significance but also because if the panoramic and eye catching attractive view of the entire Leh.


Shanti stupa ladakh.

3. Nubra Valley (Top reasons to visit ladakh).

Nubra is a tri-armed valley located to the north east of Ladakh valley. The headquarter of the Subdivision and also of Nubra tehsil, is about 150 km north from Leh town, the capital of Ladakh . Local scholars say that its original name was Ldumra.

Nubra Valley.

Things to know Before Going
(Top reasons to visit ladakh).

top reasons to visit ladakh

Though part of one state, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are three distinct regions, each with a unique culture, Diversity and Richness.  All The people here look differently, dress differently and speak different languages. However, Hindi and English work everywhere these two are the most speaking languages . Also, the weather, beauty and landscapes are very different from each other.

Thing to know- 

1.First of all always prepare for the worst due to the harsh weather conditins.

2.When riding/driving through Jammu, you should not face much problems and  issue. Kashmir, particularly Srinagar might delay your itinerary due to political unrest. It is good for you to note down helpline numbers displayed on highways.

3.When approaching any of the major passes – Zoji La, Khardung La, Chang La, Rohtang always remember one  of my  advice I was given by veteran bikers: do not underestimate nature. Again, be prepared for worst  due to excessive snow, landslide.

4.Get yourself a BSNL post-paid mobile connection for your own safety from your hometown before hand. It works in more places than any other provider. Pre-paid phones do not work at all in most places.

5.Keep a copy of emergency numbers for each person on your team . If you are traveling with friends – ensure every person’s family knows at least one contact for every other person’s kin. This makes communication easy if suppose you get stuck and are able to convey message to just one person outside.

Is Ladakh Safe For Travelling?

top best places to visit in india

Ladakh, even Srinagar Kashmir is the safest place like  any other city in India.

But you should always take the best and the safest route via Srinagar to Leh after either landing in international airport of Srinagar or by train in Jammu or by your personal vehical.

The transport, food and accommodation is very cheap. People are very friendly and helpful in nature. I read at some restaurants some quotes as well as a line that touched my heart  “if you run out of money, we will still serve you food”. This shows the Humanity amoung the people of ladakh.

Approx cost of Travelling by Bike?

Riding Gear:

  • ₹5,000: riding jacket.
  • ₹1,000:  quality Gloves.
  • ₹2,500: good quality decent helmet.
  • ₹1,000: Knee guards.


  • Assume you are riding one of the new Royal Enfield 350 cc .
  • You should get about 35 kilometers per liter.
  • Distance via Manali is about approx  1,000 km
  • You’ll need 1000/35 28.5, let’s say 30 liters one way.
  • Cost per liter is about ₹75, so 30 * 75 = ₹2,250. One way.
  • Both ways about ₹4,500. I’ll round cost you up to ₹5,000.


  • If you choose home-stay, it should cost you around to ₹500 to ₹800 for space enough for four people per night.
  • If you choose hotels, it will cost you between ₹500 to ₹1500 for two people per night.
  • Depending on how many people are travelling, the cost per person will differ here.


  • Choose  local food, each meal will not cost you above ₹100 per person some places will be very cheap, some cost you high.

Do's and Don't in Ladakh
(Top Reasons to visit ladakh).

DO’S (Travel tips to ladakh).

•If you are planning to enjoy trip and  visit to Ladakh collect necessary information about weather conditions and road route.
•After Arrival to Ladakh take proper rest upto 36 hours because proper rest is very important.
• Ladakh is a high altitude place; thatswhy the level of oxygen will be very low. So it is advisable to move slowly and breathe deeper to get used to lower level of oxygen.
• Take water purification tablets or boiled water or bottled water for your own benefit.
• For the tours within the Ladakh, outside vehicles are not allowed to move. Go for a local cab.
• Always carry drinking water and dry eatables items.
• In initial days of reaching Ladakh, avoid smoking and taking alcohol or any health affecting item.
• Carry First-aid box with all necessary medicines.
• In summer (May – September), carry Cotton wear, light woolens, strong walking shoes, rain proofs and in winters (October – April), carry heavy woolens, thermal wear, feather jackets, strong walking shoes.
• Before leaving for the tour it is better to take extra batteries and charge them fully for digital products like camera, mobile phones, etc because you face electricity problem in Ladakh.
• Ladakhi people are very friendly and welcoming and have a very helpful nature. They love to interact. So interact with them and it will also help in changing your point of view.
• If you are planning to trip Ladakh on your bike, please do not go alone on bikes at least make a group of two or more and then plan your trip.


DONT’S (Travel tips to ladakh).

• Do not try to take any kind of photographs of people or inside any religious place without taking the permission of the monk or person in –charge.
• Do not carry any kind of plastic or use plastic bags as plastic is officially banned in Ladakh.
• Do not wear any kind of short clothes like skirts/sleeveless blouses tops while on roads, especially in Buddhist Gompa.

• Do not try to influence Ladakhi People with your western outlook.
• Do not disturb wild life.

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