Top Best reasons to visit Thailand-(2019).

top reasons to visit thailand
Top best reasons to visit thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. Here we are Going to Show Top best reasons to visit Thailand It’s known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. 

And today we are showing you Top best reasons to visit thailand It is very famous for holiday makers for its beaches, temples, jungles and elephants. 

It would work to go with beaches and islands, Thai food  and (a type of kick-boxing), tuk-tuks, elephants, a traditional style of dance and clothing. In Bangkok, the capital the very famous place amoung tourist in thailand.

 An ultramodern cityscape rises next to quiet canalside communities and the iconic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew). Nearby beach resorts include bustling Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin Top best reasons to visit thailand.

Thailand position on world Map.

Facts about Thailand.

Things to know before travelling Thailand.
(Top best reasons to visit Thailand).

  1. Respect Buddha images. Do not do any kind of  inappropriate behaviour and not make any kind of bad posture near images and idols of Buddha.
  2. Do not say anything negative or bad about the king of Thailand and royal family. Most people love the king. If you say something inappropriate or bad about the king, people will hate you. You can also go to jail.
  3. Do not destroy ,use and disrespect Thailand flag.
  4. Dress appropriately when visiting temples. Do not wear too short skirt, bikini, tank top, or any other inappropriate clothes otherwise you have face problem.
  5. Females must not be close to or touch monks.
  6. Don’t cross your legs when you are in the presence of a monk. This applies whether you are sitting on the floor or in a chair.
  7. Do not play or show inappropriate behaviour  with Thai people’s heads. Thai believe that the head is the highest point of the body and hence sacred.
  8. Do not put your feet on the table and don’t use your feets to point or pick up something, especially banknotes or coins.
  9. Do not assume that all women walking on streets are prostitutes.
  10. Don’t raise your voice or loose temper.
  11. Don’t take any type of Buddha images out of the country. Strictly speaking it is totally against the law to take or send Buddha images out of the country unless special permission has been granted. 

Avoid getting scammed:

  1. Do not get into a taxi if the driver doesn’t use the meter. Also, be careful when you catch a taxi.
  2. Avoid Ping Pong shows. It’s a certain type of sex show infamous in certain parts of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. 
  3. Many tourists have found the Jet Ski scams very painful. You will rent the jet ski and after finishing the ride when you comes back they will show you the damages you have caused to the jet ski (which were pre existed). Police there is also corrupted.

Why do so many people like to travel thailand.

top reasons to visit thailand

1.  Beauty of Thailand’s beaches. (Top best reasons to visit Thailand).

Imagine it  you wake up in your luxury suite with a view of the ocean and stroll down to the beach. Warm sands await you. You stretch out on your beach towel to soak in the rays and work on your tan. When you get too warm, you jog a few feet and splash into some of the most beautiful crystalline waters you’ll ever see. You then stroll over to the beach bar to grab a delicious, refreshing cocktail.


2. The ancient temples will enrich your soul.(Top best reasons to visit Thailand).

 Thailand is the spiritual heartland of one of the world’s most celebrated faiths, abounding with temples, pagodas, and shrines of Buddha. These temples and shrines are architecturally very attractive, and many of them date back centuries. 


3. Enjoy the nightlife. ( Top best reasons to visit Thailand).

 You have already seen plenty of representations of Thailand’s legendary nightlife in TV shows and movies but the sleazy bars which typify those productions really only represent one aspect of Thailand’s dynamic nightlife. Between Bangkok and Phuket.

 You will find everything from hip dance clubs to exclusive rooftop bars which offer you a view of the city lights. You can also enjoy a dinner cruise Here.


4.  Tasty Thai food.(Top best reasons to visit Thailand).

 Thai food is distinctive; you can recognize the unique flavors which dominate Thai dishes immediately: coconut milk, lemongrass, and curry. While Thai restaurants are phenomenal, you will also find your mouth watering just walking down the streets in Bangkok or Phuket. 


Most of the people who go to thailand are men the majority goes for sex tourism with transsexuals and women, majority come from europe and united states, the majority are men  very physically ugly and then go to Asia.

Because it is easy to find women there who are looking for money because the majority are women living in poverty and think that whites are rich no matter that they are ugly.

 The raye of Sexually transmitted diseases here  are very high in these Asian countries and child sex tourism is also very high especially in the Philippines, Thailand etc.

Guide to travel Thailand.

Few Best Thailand Travel hacks.

  1. Try to remember a few words in Thai. Especially numbers which is not a very difficult task if you know a good level of english .  (you have like 10 hours on your airplane to practice) and it might save your a lot of money. When Thai people hear you speak a bit, they will take you for an expat – less rip-offs guaranteed.
  2. Do not go to touristy places. Koh Pangan, Samui, Phuket, Pattaya – you will end up paying up to ten times more for food, hotel and drinks than locals do. favourites. 
  3. Screw the buses, in contrast to what some people here advised. Fly with local low cost airlines (dirt cheap, 10-15€ one way) or always take night trains. Both of them will save you time and money You can sleep on the train and wake up in a new place in stead of spending valuable days on those terrible buses.

Seasons to visit Thailand.
(Top best reasons to visit Thailand).

  • May – October – This is considered the low and the best season and prices for accommodation will be at the cheapest.
  • November – April – This is considered the high season and prices will be higher. There will be more people about and is a nice time to visit as it is generally a little cooler but clear skies and sunshine. Still mid 30’s (degree celsius).
  • Mid December – Mid January – This is considered the peak season of visiting here. Tends to be the most expensive time to visit. There are also minimum stay requirements in a lot of places over this time.


Q1.Is Thailand Richer Than India?

Ans- According to me Comparing Thailand and India is a foolish thing. Because India is much Larger than Thailand. Lets look at the figure below for more better understanding-

comparison between India and Thailand.

You can easily understand from the above figure that the population of India is much greater than Thailand. so, the GDP of the India is surely high in comparison with Thailand.

Q2.Why is Thailand so poor?

Ans-Thailand is not “poor”, it’s one of the more developed economies of it’s area and while it has standards of living a bit lower than Malaysia, it is a fair bit more developed than its other neighbors.

  • There are quite a few billionaires in Thailand. look up the Forbes list.
  • Nobody is hungry. Thais are experts in using nature’s bounty.
  • You can feed a family upcountry for under $200 per month. So when people make only $250-$300 per month, it doesn’t make them poor. The minimum wage is around $200, up to around $500 for certain workers with university degrees.
  • Most workers have access to very cheap dorm rooms.
  • Thailand enjoys one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

Q3.Is Thailand a democracy?

Ans-It was a democracy prior to 2014 however this democratic Thailand (constitutional monarchy) had problems of maintaining the country. This can be understood as its history has witnessed more military coups than anything else. It makes Thailand become like another Iraq, just with less bombings and rare suicide attacks.

Basically I believe Thai people have a poor understanding of democracy. Something that makes a Westernized nation like Thailand lost its step forward and paved way for militarism inside this nation.

Another reason that makes Thailand has a bad record of testing with democracy was the result of Vietnam War. The collapse of democratic South Vietnam to the hand of communists had resulted that Thai people began to lose confidence on democracy, thus they thought it should become a dictatorship grow.

Anyway right now Thailand is under junta, but it seems like they don’t want to go on the step like Myanmar, but somehow sibling closer to the Vietnamese communist authoritarianism.

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