Everything about the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel – (2019)

Taj mahal palace

Taj mahal palace

1. Introduction(Taj Mahal Palace).

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 Here you find complete solution of all your questions in your mind. Once i visited Taj hotel in 2015 and Here in this blog at traveltrioo I tried to solve all your needs and question regarding Taj mahal palace Hotel(Mumbai) according to my Knowledge and Experience. so, lets start With today’s topic Everything about the taj mahal palace hotel .

Map location Taj Mahal Palace.


Taj mahal palace

Taj Hotel was founded by jamsetji tata. The company is a part of tata group( one of the largest company in India).The company employed over 15,000 people in a year 2019.The comapny operates more than 100 hotels and resorts In India as well as in other nations also like Bhutan , Nepal,Sri lanka , Malaysia, South africa , UK , USA etc.


Jamsetji tata

Jamsetji tata was the founder of tata  group opened the taj mahal palace a Hotel in mumbai (Currently known as Bombay) On 16 Dec 1903. It was the first Taj property and Taj Hotel.

  1. According to a rumor their is a story behind the opening of this hotel that one day Jamsetji tata was refused to enter in Watson’s hotel of Mumbai by the guards due to Racial Discrimination . Due , to this reason he started this hotel this incident touches his heart deeply.
  2. According to the another story he planned to opened this hotel when one of his friend expressed disgust over the hotels that were present in Bombay.
Their are many other hotels also which comes under the Taj Group of Hotels like-
Their is total  170 hotels including 25 under development, in over eighty locations in twelve countries spread across four continents.

Guest rooms(Taj Mahal Palace).

Luxuary rooms Taj Palace

Their are various type of rooms in This luxury taj 5 star hotel that suites everyone needs so, let’s have a look at the rooms of the Taj hotel-


1.Luxury room.

luxury room taj hotel

Average Rate- 26,000/Night.

2.Luxury Grande Room City View.

Luxury Grande Room City View

Average Rate- 27,000/Night.

3.Taj Club Room City View.

Taj Club Room City View

Average price- 32,000/Night.

4.Taj Club Room Sea View.

Taj Club Room Sea View

Average price-34,500/Night.

5.Executive Suite 1 Bedroom City View.

Executive Suite 1 Bedroom City View

Average price-48,500/ Night.

6.Luxury Suite 1 Bedroom City View.

Luxury Suite 1 Bedroom City View

Average price – 68,500/Night.

7.Grande Luxury Suite 1 Bedroom Sea View.

Grande Luxury Suite 1 Bedroom Sea View

Average price-1,08,500/Night.

Common Features Of Every Room(Taj Mahal Palace).

  • 24-hour in-room dining
  • Premium Wi-Fi at nominal charge
  • Complimentary newspapers
  • Daily housekeeping & turndown service
  • 24-hour laundry service
  • Iron & ironing board on request
  • 24-hour on-call doctor & nurse
  • Tea-coffee maker
  • Dual-line telephones with voicemail & data capabilities
  • Choice of smoking & non-smoking rooms
  • Welcome drink
  • Complimentary daily buffet breakfast at Shamiana or Sea Lounge
  • Personalised butler service

Other Facilities(Taj Mahal Palace).

  • Gym- You can enjoy gym here If you are a fitness freak. You get every machine and Equipments 24/7 available here.
  • Spa Facility– You also get the facility of Spa here.Here are some Most common variety of spa you can enjoy here-
  2. Jivaniya.
  3. Gudda Bath.
  4. Cape Fynbos.
  5. Pehlwan Malish.
  6. Vishrama.
  7. Vishuddi.
  8. Abhisheka.
  • Pool facility- You can also enjoy the facility of pool here ,if you love swimming.Pool here is 24 hours open you can swim anytime you want. 
  • Car rental- You can also rent Luxury cars here if you want to travel by Csr instead of any other public transport in Mumbai.
Gift shops- If you want to purchase a gift from here for your someone special then you have alot of choices present here.You can also get high quality imported choclates from other countries here.

Taj Mahal Palace Attack (26 November 2008).

Taj mahal palace

Taj hotel was attacked by the terrorist group on 28 November 2008. This is one of the unforgettable day in the Indian history many innocent people died in this attack(around more than 200) And many were injured very seriously. This attack involve terrorist of Lashkar-e-Taiba, 

The attack began on 26 November and lasted until 29 November. Their was also explosion on ,Mazagaon in Mumbai’s Port area. On the morning of 28 November, all sites except for the Taj Hotel had been secured by the Mumbai Police and by different security forces for protection. One of the main person behind this attack was (Ajmal Kasab) He was a Pakistani terrorist and later Goverment of Pakistan also Confirmed that  (Ajmal kasab)  was the member of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba and a citizen of Pakistan.

Reopening of Taj Mahal Palace.

Taj Hotel was reopen 2 years after the Mumbai attack on August 15 (2010). The hotel was Reopened on Indian Independence day . Tata itself checked every single corner of the hotel after its reopening Architects, designers and restoration experts from India and around the world spent more than 21 months assessing the damage, then restoring the hotel And it is also very necessary because Taj hotel(Mumbai) is among one of the Top most 5 star Hotels in India. Taj Hotel refurbished at an estimated cost of Rs 300 crore.  Average Refurbished cost of each room was estimated around 1 Crore.


The Final conclusion here is that I suggest you that if you can afford you must have to visit Taj hotel Once In your life .Then only you can feel the beauty of Taj Hotel .When i visited Taj hotel i truely fall in love with this hotel at first site and  I definately knows that if you visit here once you also fall in love with the interior enviorment of Hotel Taj. And i really want to thank you if you are reading this blog till now.

Hope This blog helped you Alot.

Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding (Taj Mahal Palace).

Q1.How much does it cost for a decent dinner in Taj mahal palace hotel ?

ANS- Some People says that a middle class person cannot afford dinner at Taj hotel but it is false .

The main Hotels their are “SHAMIANA” and “SEA LOUNGE”.

  1. Shamina- You can easily Have dinner Here for two people at an average cost of 5500Rs For two people.Smoothies goes around 500–700Rs.Normal food items will cost you 450–850Rs.
  2. “SEA LOUNGE”-Sea lounge is little better and good than shamina but it costs you more than shamina.. But the food here is more tastier and one night dinner here costs you around average 6000Rs for two people.

Q2.How Much Does a Tea Cost In Taj Hotel?

ANS- A single Tea cost you Here around 450Rs Exclusive of all taxes. But according to me if we include all the taxes then a cup of tea easily cost you around 700Rs.

Q3.Can I enter into Taj hotel in Mumbai for cup of coffee without booking room in it?

ANS-Yes , You can enter in Taj Hotel Mumbai For having dinner or a cup of Tea without Booking .Here you only need decent type of clothes and a Good amount of cash in your pocket.

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